Hotel Rwanda – Thoughts

As I sit and watch this “movie” called “Hotel Rwanda”, I am saddened.

No, make that distraught.  Sickened to my stomach.  If you don’t know what this “movie” is about, it’s about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda between the Hutus and Tutsis.  800,000 died in the name of cleansing.  Sounds familiar?  I can think of Hitlers’ Jewish genocide.  Then there’s Bosnia.  Japanese with “cleansing” as well.

Why does all this have to happen?  This “movie” entails the story of Paul who helps run the place.   All this hatred.  Must stop.  Such ugliness stops only when all of us, one by one, stop it within ourselves.  No more hatred.  Let us all pray for peace, and unity.

For our children’s sake.  For God’s sake…

EDIT: I am just watched “Fearless” (Jet Li).  In his last words towards the end… the cliche but true… “What we need to do is not take  revenge.  Hatred will only breed more hatred.”  This was spoken after he just found out that he was poisoned.  Very befitting towards this whole nightmare of hatred.  
And both movies are based on true stories… Paul is my new hero.  A man of love and action.  So is Master Huo for standing against hatred.

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