The Pieces of the Puzzle are coming together…

Wow…. I found this just today!  Written 10 years ago! 

May 9, 1996

I was working on the puzzle again and this time, I noticed something different.  Because the puzzle was started not too long ago, not many pieces are put together.  What’s more is that some are connected rather loosely.  The pieces are barely hanging together to the frame and they are very fragile when shear is applied.  Yet, as I put in one more piece at a time, it adds more rigidity to the puzzle.  It holds the puzzle a little bit more firmly.   Such is the Body of Christ where each one plays an integral and important part in keeping the Body together and united.

On the similar note, when I tried to put a wrong piece in a place that it does not belong, many a times, the piece ends up damaged and ruins the structure.  Sometimes, they look as if it was exactly right piece yet with closer look, it didn’t.  When we try to place someone where they do not belong, have the gifts for, nor is called by God, everything will go ugly and the person involved will end up not only hurt but also suffering with the Body as well.

As each puzzle finds its place and where it belongs, the puzzle becomes clearer of what it is supposed to represent:  the picture.  The structure of it becomes stronger and things start to make sense.  A piece, by itself, does not make any sense at all… yet in a well-put puzzle with other pieces, it sure makes sense.  As Christ guides each one of us and shows us how and where we fit into the Body of Christ, His Church, both local and universal, becomes strengthened and the LORD’s plan begins to make sense to us.

I have to thank God for giving me the gift that seeks to learn constantly.  I have learned so much from my own research and classes, and in life and nature.  I do believe that if we looked close enough, we should be able to learn more about God, Christ, and His Mighty Plans for us all…  After all, God did create the world and calculus.  If only people tried to find God and His lessons in daily life would we be a little wiser and more discerning…

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