Coffee Cutout

I’ve always enjoyed coffee.  In fact, I’ve even experimented with it when I was like 10 years old!  I mixed cocoa with coffee thinking I had created the something magnificent when in fact, mocha was already in existence!

I’ve also worked with a German professor and a Russian post-doc who make their coffee extra punchy!  However, since starting to work, I’ve gotten used to the thinner coffee.  Still, I drink about 2 cups a day!  So I’ve begun for myself a campaign to cut off the amount.  Starting yesterday, I decided to drink 2x 2/3 cups (= 1 1/3 cups).  After few more weeks, I will just be down to 1 cup a day.  I already try not to drink it when I can, make my body not get used to patterns.

That smell and aroma…  mmm…  you see, I used to drink about 4 cups a week!  However, that was before having kids… and it became just necessity.  As they sleep better, I hope to go back to that…  Here’s to your… um… alertness!  😛

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