Friendly Rival & Competition: Parents Fighting for the Kids’ Affection

Ever since we had Anna, I’ve had a jealous heart towards my wife. You see, Anna always preferred (naturally, I suppose) her mommy over daddy… especially at night. Soojin used to console me by saying that it’s natural this way and after all, she did spend most time with Anna since I had to go work.

Well, times do change after all… enter…

…number 2! 😀 JJ was then born… and he naturally started to grow more affectionate towards me more than Soojin! Naturally, Soojin began to get jealous! Hee… and I told her … the same story she told me!

It’s quite funny actually…. it’s not that we love our kids any less or more than each other… but when you feel that your kids love the other parent, it just feels… sad. Today was such a day again… JJ woke up while sleeping and as I went to console him, he called out for daddy. Ah… what a joyful kid, eh?! Got his act straight! LOL… Anyhow, my wife heard JJ calling for me. After I put him back to sleep and as we finished watching “The Road Home” (a very touching and an awesome movie by the way!), JJ woke up again. As I got myself up, Soojin insisted on putting him to sleep… When I went to take a look, JJ was dangling around her hand (the ring finger) and calling out mommy. And Soojin just ate that stuff up! 🙂 And Anna soon joined in and then curled up next to her with her hands together as a pillow.

What does this all add up to? Just two very happy and joyful parents.

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