NPR Show: Car Talk

Every Saturday morning at 9:00 am, on Houston’s Public Radio station, 88.7 FM, National Public Radio‘s THE best show comes online…

Car Talk

It’s a talk show from two brothers who consult on car troubles from the callers all over the US.  However, what’s so fun and great is their interactions… with each other and the callers!  Though they may sound old (and they are), they are so much fun to listen to!  I have never had a radio show that I wanted to tune in so badly!  They now have podcasts so I’m tempted to get them as well (check out their website)…

Not only that, they are very good at what they mainly talk about:  cars.  I pick up so many things about it that it’s just unbelievable!  Give them a try if you haven’t already…  I am a big fan now!

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  1. haha…i wish i can connect with you there. my idea of a good show would probably a little different.

    i’m currenlty listening to a book titled “the life you save may be your own: an american pilgrimmage.” it’s a book about four catholic writers: dorothy day, thomas merton, flannery o’connor, and walker percy.

    it’s about 20 hours long. i think i listened to about 13 hours so far!

    hope you are feeling better with more sleep. 8 )


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