Jeremy Lin’s Interview on his faith and God

New York Knicks' Jeremy LinIf you live under a rock, then you may not have heard of the latest news sensation, Jeremy Lin, the starter guard for the NY Knicks.  I have been just amazed at his gameplay and the respect for him only grew as I learned of his faith in God and his journey.  Read and be encouraged…  God does bless those who are faithful…

I am a basketball fan now and I had never really watched any sports!!

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From Business and financial news – Citi fined $158 million for gaming federal housing

It’s about time we started prosecuting these money-hungry corporations (I mean “people”, NOT!) to do better practices!


Citigroup will pay $158 million to settle charges that its mortgage unit defrauded the Federal Housing Administration by inaccurately claiming that certain mortgages were eligible for government insurance, government officials announced Wednesday.

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From Popular Science – New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: World’s Tiniest Chameleons Found in Madagascar

This little chameleon is one of four miniature lizards identified in Madagascar, adding to our growing list of amazingly teeny animals. The one on the match in this picture is a juvenile, but even the adults max out at 30 millimeters. They’re the smallest lizards in the world, and some of the smallest vertebrates found to date.

The Lilliputian lizard is near the lower limits of size in vertebrate animals. Learning about how these creatures live can put some constraints on animal morphology – if your species has eyes, a backbone and a brain, there’s likely a limit to how little you can get. A different group of field biologists just announced the world’s smallest frog, and they claim it is the smallest vertebrate in the world, knocking a tiny Indonesian fish off the pedestal of puniness.

The chameleons are related to other Madagascan lizards, but DNA analysis showed they have enough genetic differences to count as distinct species, according to the researchers who found them, led by Frank Glaw of the Zoological State Collection of Munich. The animals live in leafy undergrowth in Madagascan forests.

Tiny and camouflaged – how did they find these guys? Most of the lizards were collected at night, when they typically climb up into the underbrush to roost. The field biologists used torches and headlamps to spot the sleeping lizards, according to their paper.

The paper appears in the open-access journal PLoS One.

Teeniest Lizards: Although the four new species are similar in appearance, a genetic analysis showed they are distinct species.  Glaw et al/PLoS One

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From News: Administration Proposes $5 Billion Competition To Improve Teacher Quality

I do think that our education system needs major attention and overhaul… while our college-level education may be good, we are losing them at (much) younger ages.  And if we do nothing about it, our country will decay (educationally) for sure.


The Obama administration says its ambitious, competitive grant program seeks to transform the teaching profession.



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