From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: Building the Lego Super Star Destroyer

I am out and I get a call on my cell from a dear friend of mine. He just informs me that he is setting aside the rest of his day to build his new Lego Super Star Destroyer. My first reaction?

“You bought this massive Lego Star Destroyer with your very own hard earned money and you have the GALL to tell me you are starting without me??”

I promptly invade his home and insisted that I be a part of this massive undertaking.

Let me tell you. This is not a task for the easily distracted. Or Poor. The commitment to build the Lego Super Star Destroyer is a commitment not easily broken. Once you open that telephone book of instructions to this incredibly detailed 50 inch (1.27 meters) Lego masterpiece, you better have a lot of time on your hands.

Tran, Ken and I set out to build this set while our better halves decreased Tran’s wine reserves.

The Display Title with statistics.

Chassis assembly.

Partial hull detail with (not to scale) bridge interior.

Outer plating installed.

Another look at (not to scale) bridge interior. Includes holographic Emperor piece!

For scale, an Imperial Class Star Destroyer flies alongside.

Detail of bridge.

Rear view.

Tran making final adjustments.

The finished product.

This set is truly a masterpiece. This massive set comes packed in separate numbered bags. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said the instructions resembled a phone book. It is quite daunting. We were constantly amazed at the clever construction methods, and giggled like children when we saw the tiny Imperial Class Star Destroyer and minifigs.

Thanks again to Tran, who let me share in this amazing day of Lego building.

Lego Death Star is next on the list!

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From Gizmodo: The Man From Nowhere: This Is Why You Don’t Mess with the Quiet Ones

This movie will RILE you up!

Imagine a man with Chuck Norris’ tenacity, Jason Bourne’s fighting prowess, Vlad the Impaler’s viciousness, and Bryan Mills’ motivation. That man pales compared to the single-minded destruction factory that is Tae-Sik Cha, a former CIA spook frantically searching for a missing child. More »

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From Engadget: Nanoshells trap light for more efficient solar panels


Scientists at Stanford are hard at work trying to improve the efficiency and durability of solar panels— two key factors that have kept the Sun from becoming a more popular source of energy. Their latest effort involves nanocrystalline-silicon, a material that has proven resilient and highly conductive, but not very good at absorbing light. Their solution, nanoshells — hollowed out spheres of silicon that trap and recirculate light much like a whispering gallery does sound. Balls of the crystalline material are dipped in silicon, then hydrofluoric acid is used to eat way the center of the sphere, leaving a path for light to enter. The shells trap the light, allowing more of it to be absorbed, and also reduces the effect of non-optimal angles on energy production. Hit up the source for a few more details.


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