Gametel Bluetooth Portable Games Controller for Android Devices!

Picture courtesy of Droid Den

I don’t know why it hasn’t come out earlier… or anyone else has tried to jump into this market. It may have been a niche market before but now, I think it has a great future!  What am I talking about?!  I’m talking about wireless game controllers for Android devices!  :-D  While I love touchscreen features, there are plenty of games (my current favorite, Zenonia series) that would be much better with a controller…

Well, Gametel seems to have stepped up to the plate.  But I have a good news and bad news.  It’s a great device!  Bad news?  It’s only currently available in England!  :-(  You can get it for £49.99 on  Here’s one of the first reviews by Droid Den… and it seems promising… guess I have to wait for it to be available in US!

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