From Autoblog: Video: GM latest to explore turning rear windows into screens

Not sure if this is a good idea…  for safety sake…


Last Summer Toyota showed off its Window to the World technology created in partnership with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. It turned a rear window into an augmented-reality screen that would keep kids interested in something other than asking “Are we there yet?” Now General Motors has showed off a similar bit of kit called Windows of Opportunity, developed with the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Israel.

GM’s Windows concept is aimed just as much at kids as adults. The team came up with four different apps that provided interactivity ranging from a virtual take on drawing on foggy windows to checking what was on other augmented windows on cars around the world. We’re probably a long way from seeing something like this in production, but you know you can look forward to the day when your kid monitors your driving style from his child seat. Follow the jumpfor the full press release and a short video on GM’s new tech.

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From NPR Morning Edition: Foreclosure Robo-Signing Deal Worries N.Y. Official

Banks need to go down hard… or at least need a big overhaul of its practices!!  😡


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman joined with other state attorneys general last year who were suing five large mortgage servicers. But he was disturbed by the shape of the agreement, and says banks wanted broad protection from lawsuits over other mortgage practices. So he started his own investigation.

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From Morning Edition: Publishers And Booksellers See A ‘Predatory’ Amazon

Hmm…. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to boycott Amazon… but the days seem to be counting down faster than I hoped for…


Just before Christmas, Amazon infuriated booksellers with an app that allowed customers to check out prices in brick-and-mortar stores and then get a discount if they bought from Amazon instead. Now publishers and booksellers are looking for new ways to compete with the Goliath of online retailers.


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