From Coolest Gadgets: Command & Conquer coded in HTML5

There are moments in life when we look at a particular object and think, “Now why didn’t I think of this before?” I am quite sure that many of us who spent our teenage years in the mid-1990s would have played the game Command & Conquer at some point in time or another, where the almighty tank could be stopped by something as simple as sandbags, and had hours and hours of fun honing our RTS skills in front of the computer. Well, a hardcore coder decided that playing the game today on a legacy system is just too mainstream, and coded the entire Command & Conquer in HTML5, where the entire thing runs on 69k of Javascript.

Aditya Ravi Shankar built the clone as part of his attempt to improve his coding skills, where he gave himself an entire month to do so, building the game in the browser while going through the original game’s files in order to get sprites, sounds and specs just the way it was. According to Shankar, “In hindsight, I might have wanted to take smaller steps and make a tower defense game instead of jumping directly into an RTS. Trying to do the whole thing in under a month all by myself wasn’t the smartest idea.”

Still, he got the job done, and there were some glitches here and there during testing, such as tanks getting stuck in the sea, and it works best in Chrome or Firefox. If you want to help improve Shankar’s work, check out the source code here.


from Coolest Gadgets

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