From Engadget: NimbleTV streams cable content to ‘any’ device, launching ‘in the next few months’

ImageWith services like Aereo TV taking a similar streaming approach — and getting sued in the process — NimbleTV won’t have an easy road ahead, but the outfit’s willing to take its chances. The startup plans to launch its subscription-based offering to the public within the next few months, allowing future users to stream cable content to unspecified devices at any time and from anywhere on the globe — all thanks to Nimble’s cloud-based software. However, unlike some of its competitors, NimbleTV will give customers the ability to select channel packages based on personal preferences, though that’ll depend heavily on the TV providers going along for the ride. While the service will only be available in the US and India at first, the company does plan a broader launch at some point in the future. No word yet on how pricing will play out, but there is a NYC-only beta (just as Aereo did) which you can join now by giving the source below a quick click.

from Engadget

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