From Lifehacker: DIY Gravity Water Filter

If you’re a backpacker you need a reliable yet lightweight method for purifying and filtering water in the wild. Most commercial methods are either bulky and heavy or need supplies such as salt and/or batteries. Instead you can make a gravity water filtration system using two water bladders, a $17 Aquamira Frontier Pro filter or likewise, and a pack of chlorine dioxide purification tablets. More »


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From Engadget: Intel puts Ivy Bridge on the map: first 22nm product, decent official benchmarks, quad-cores from $174

Intel puts Ivy Bridge on the map

We hear that pilgrims have already started flocking to the town of Ivybridge (population 12,056) in the forested depths of southwest England. Very soon though, you’ll be able to pay homage to Moore’s Law without travelling further than your favorite online retailer, because the third generation of Intel Core processors has just launched and should be available to buy before the end of this month. These include eight different variants of Core i7 for desktops and notebooks (including Ultrabooks of course), plus five types of Core i5 destined for desktops only. Those watching out for cheaper dual-core i5, i3 and Pentium-branded options will have to wait a little longer, because today’s launch is all about the high-end. And just how high is ‘high’? Judging from the gossip we’ve heard, and from benchmarks of leaked desktop and notebook chips, we’re looking a significant improvement over Sandy Bridge. But if you want the first official boasts, then read on.


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From Lifehacker: DIY Headphone Adapter Adds Pause, Play, and a Microphone to Any Smartphone Headphone Jack

Have a pair of expensive headphones that you love but you wish they had a remote for your smartphone controls? Or do you hate the fact that when you’re driving with your phone connected to the auxiliary input on your car you can’t answer the phone without disconnecting it? DIY blog DepotBassam shows off a simple DIY hack to splice a mic and remote into your headphone jack for use on any smartphone. More »

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