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From Engadget: South Korea opens up cellphone sales, networks wary of the ‘free market’

South Korea’s Communications Commission is wresting control of the domestic cellphone market away from operators. From May 1st, it is opening the handset business open to any vendor, who will sell phones unlocked so consumers can decide their choice of … Continue reading

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From Popular Science – New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: Turbine Condenses Clean Water From the Air and Generates Wind Power At the Same Time

A new type of wind turbine harvests not only electricity from the wind, but clean water from the air, by condensing humidity from even the driest climes. One prototype turbine is apparently collecting 16.3 gallons of water an hour from … Continue reading

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From MAKE: Math Monday: Paper Polyhedra

By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics     If you’ve never made a set of the Platonic solids from paper, perhaps it’s time to try it. These shapes are the foundation for many aspects of three-dimensional design. Here … Continue reading

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From Engadget: Study says wind turbines raise surrounding area temperature, but only at night

Who said the butterfly effect couldn’t apply to renewable energy? Though wind farms are considered pretty green on the energy-generating spectrum, it looks like they, too, have an impact on the planet. According to a study published today in the … Continue reading

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From Latest Items from TreeHugger: MIT Creates Miracle Glass That’s Glare-Free, Self-Cleaning, Water Repellent

MIT researchers have come up with a way to texture the surface of glass to solve many problems of glare and dirt. from Latest Items from TreeHugger

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From Gizmodo: Does Chewing Gum Make You Dumb?

If you thought that chewing gum helped you concentrate, it might be time to reassess. While some old research has suggested that it can help you with abstract reasoning and logic puzzles, new research reveals that it can completely screw … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: New Bill Banning Employer Facebook Snooping Introduced in Congress

Back in March, news of employers asking employees and prospective hires for Facebook logins sparked much debate amongst public and politicians alike. After one amendment failed to pass, a pair of democrats are now fighting hard to change things in … Continue reading

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