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From Ars Technica: AT&T to set (some) iPhones free beginning April 8

AT&T has confirmed that it will begin unlocking iPhones for qualifying customers beginning Sunday, April 8. This means that, if you have purchased an AT&T-locked iPhone and you meet AT&T’s (somewhat strict) requirements, you’ll be able to take that phone … Continue reading

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From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: Amazing Fan-Made Mega Man X Movie

  The beginning part of the video is a message Dr.Light records over 100 years ago, his lab is now abandoned. As the camera moves into the capsule you see a still running testing parameter where Mega Man X fights … Continue reading

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From Engadget: Toray unveils new self-repairing film for devices, fixes scratches in under 10 seconds

Toray’s advanced film department has finished its new self-cure coating and is set to start using it as a decorative layer on a series of as-yet unannounced notebooks. Fortunately, the company is already chasing down more pervasive uses on smartphones … Continue reading

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From Technology Review RSS Feeds: New Challenger Pinterest Becomes Third Most Popular Social Network

Pinterest, the social network where users “pin” photos to virtual pin boards, has become the third most popular with Web users behind Facebook and Twitter, a report from marketing company Experian says. Like all social networks, Pinterest is dogged by … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: All of YouTube’s 1080p Videos Are Going 3D

For as much as everybody loves to hate 3D, there seems no end remakes and reboots touting it. Even YouTube is jumping on board, announcing today that all short-form videos uploaded in 1080p will automatically be converted to the 3D … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: These Nanostars Kill Cancer Without Ever Penetrating a Cell

Everyone can’t stop talking about how nanotechnology is the future of healthcare, but so far we’ve not seen many useful applications. Finally, here’s one: these nano-scale gold stars can kill cancer cells dead without ever entering them. More »   from … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes

There’s a small room in Minnesota that blocks out 99% of all external sound. That’s an impressive number! Also impressive: nobody can take more than 45 minutes alone in the room before they go nuts. More »   from Gizmodo

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