From Ars Technica: Kinect tech built into laptop prototypes

This will be bringing “Minority Report” to laptop level!!!

Kinect’s vision and depth perception technology could soon be integrated into laptops. The Daily has seen two prototypes, believed to be from Asus, that incorporate an array of sensors above the top of the screen, replacing the traditional webcam. Below the display are a set of LEDs. Sources at Microsoft confirmed to The Daily that the laptops contain versions of the Kinect sensor.

Asus has dabbled with Kinect-like systems before. Its Xtion PRO PC peripheral uses sensor and software technology licensed from PrimeSense—technology also found in Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

What the sensor might be used for is anybody’s guess. The Kinect for Windows—a version of the Xbox 360 accessory with revised firmware to support close-up operation—will be released in February, and with that, third-party applications that use the sensor will start to arrive. Windows 8 might even include direct support for Kinect-powered features: documents leaked in 2010 hinted at Kinect integration with automatic user switching using face detection.


from Ars Technica

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