The Best Video Player for Windows [Video]

We’re once again changing our Windows App Directory to include PotPlayer as the best video player for Windows. KMPlayer, our former favorite, went through a major update, including a number of features that make it into more of a media center than a video player—not to mention PotPlayer (which is by the same developer as the old KMPlayer, which we loved) is much lighter weight on your CPU, includes a 64-bit version, and doesn’t try to install a bunch of crapware along with the player. PotPlayer’s been around for awhile, and it’s still young, but the new version of KMPlayer pushed us over the edge to replace it with PotPlayer as our default video player. It should give you great video playback right out of the box, though you’ll have tons of options to tweak your video playback to your liking. You can find the full review over at the App Directory. [The Best Video Player for Windows] More »

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