So Many Dictators Around the World


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In case you’ve been living in a cage past month, there’s been a protest and uprising in countries like Tunisia, Egpyt, and now Yemen.  What I hadn’t realized due to my own ignorance is that those countries, in addition to other countries, have been under a totalitarian ruling for several decades.

What makes it even worse is that many of those are backed by our own government!  How the hell did that happen?!  In short, it’s because of our “interest”.  We don’t want to pay for $5/gallon gasoline price.  We have patrolled a bit too much out of our own interest.

There are so many countries that suffer under dictator rule.  I thought only Cuba and North Korea were dictatorial countries (except for Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule).  Not so.

If you google to see how many are under dictatorship, it’s 11.  77 countries are under “pseudo democracy“.  People are beyond miserable around the world.  Sure there is some sense of “stability” under dictatorship.  But would you call that freedom?  Would you call that democracy?  I immediately think of 1984 by George Orwell where freedom no longer exists and communist/totalitarian ruling.

When we trade comfort and our selfish needs at the cost of freedom and people, we are no longer fit to be human.  I am waking up from my own Matrix.  I must resist too much comfort and fight for others’ freedom.  Down with dictators!!!

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  1. Dr. Krauthammer puts to words my feelings on this:

    Included is the irony that not so long ago – say one or two months ago – that it was only those evil neo(speaking of The Matrix)-cons and even more evil George W. that embraced the freedom agenda.

    Anyway, will see if our current president is tough as Truman was when it comes to Islamists as Truman was with communism or even translate this desire for freedom everywhere into something resembling a cohesive freedom doctrine. Though the mixed messages and other stuff that is coming out from the administration does not give me much hope.

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