Two US Asian-American Reporters Imprisoned for 12 Years

Yahoo/AP Release

Two Asian-American reporters who snuck into North Korea were sentenced to twelve years(?!) of prison for allegedly spying on them.  Here are my thoughts…

1. What were they thinking to sneak into North Korea, aka. Not-just-communist-country-but-dictatorship country?!!  Common sense would dictate that they should’ve stayed well out of the border area.

2. North Korea sentenced them to 12 years?!!  WTH?!  Year or two may be somewhat distantly understandable… but TWELVE?!!

3. Let’s not forget that North Korea isn’t exactly known for being “understanding”.  56 years of dictatorship and strict rule doesn’t exactly cry fair.

4. I seriously hope & pray that these two get released but with other serious issues (like North Korea’s long-distance missile testing and nuclear armament), this may get buried…

2 Replies to “Two US Asian-American Reporters Imprisoned for 12 Years”

  1. Man they are idiots…
    What WERE they thinking? GEEZ.
    It’s already difficult enough handling the missile crisis and they go around crossing borders into NK territory putting foreign relations at RISK. I’m for them coming out of NK, but they should be prosecuted when they come back as US citizens. They were being dumb and broke foreign laws and should be punished for their carelessness. I say take a way their passports for being stupid and fine their asses for some cash money!

    but on the other hand, maybe they were kidnapped?

  2. Its all about the money – you want them freed? You gotta pay.

    Anyway, from some of the items that I have read, this may have been a setup.

    The border between NK and China is quite porous and if you have enough money, you can bribe your way back and forth. Heck, if you have enough money, you can get away with murder in NK.

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