Things that Make Me Go Mad: Driving Drunk

1 Local Cy-Fair girl dies from a drunk driver who hits the school bus and her

2 Houston judge’s daughter sues driver she ran into while driving drunk

What the hell is the world coming to?!!  If there are more things that make me madder than stupid politicians and hungry rich execs, it’s the stupid drunk drivers!  Link one shows about how a drunk driver sideswipes a school bus and then hits a girl and then speeds off!  He had to be pursued for miles before being caught!

And then there’s Elizabeth Shelton, whose father is a juvenile judge(?!), who got into an accident last year and ran into a pickup truck in front of her which ended up KILLING her boyfriend!  Now, she’s SUING the driver that was in the front?!  This is some crazy and stupid things I have seen and heard but it’s just un-freakin’-believable!

If we continue to let DWI/DUI-convicts to go around so carelessly, I shall feel obligated to move elsewhere (like Japan) where such thing will pretty much ruin your life for good!  If you are drunk, WALK home or take a cab!!  I hope that guy gets life in prison, and that girl gets COUNTER-SUED!  And what is her father, the “venerable” judge, even thinking?!!  😡

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Pete.
    Absolutely ridiculous the kind of crap that people do.
    The worst part is the fact that daddy is a judge. Are you serious???

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