My E-mail & Website got Hacked!

If you get an e-mail from me and I sound terrible (more than usual!) grammatically and all, it’s not ME!  Someone managed to hack into my e-mail account (yahoo one) and sent out spam e-mail to all my contacts with a link to some bogus website to buy stuff!  😡  Erg… it’s my very first time where someone logged into my account and sent out a bunch!!

I’m gonna have to regularly change my passwords now…  🙁  What is the world coming to?!

EDIT: Never mind!!  My website got hacked too!!  😮  WTF?!!  😡

3 Replies to “My E-mail & Website got Hacked!”

  1. Hey Steve. Sorry to hear about the email hack. Hearing this made me curious. The Brew actually got some pretty strange comments on the 23rd. Then I got a really bizarre ‘submission’ from someone at

    Don’t know if this is a coincidence or anything.

    But hey, thanks for linking to the Brew, as well.

  2. That’s nice to know, peter oppa. I was wondering why you sent me a shopping link…

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