Day 18: Biking Update

Today is my Day 18… so it is roughly 4 weeks since I began riding bike to work.  It began as 2 days in the first week, then 3 days the following, and the past 2 previous weeks were 4 days each.  However, today marks the very first week where I rode in all five days to work!  😀

I am tired… and sleepy.  However, I am very glad that God helped me in biking to work for the entire week!  So far, I had to bike home in rain twice.  Yesterday, rain had stopped, but worse than rain or water are the debris that falls or moves from rain.

All you bikers, watch for the debris and other dangerous things (like broken glass/bottle!) on the road!  Sheesh…  Here’s to a continual 5-day biking weeks ahead!!  Also wanted to thank everyone (ok, 3 of you I think!) for the encouraging words!

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  1. Good job. I feel your pain about flying debris. A candle just fell off the shelf onto my head. I don’t know why I told you that.

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