Getaway Trip to Austin

So since I had free time and being more flexible, I decided to head up to Austin to see some friends I hadn’t seen in years!

I got hold of Minkyung who was visiting her mom in Kileen, and went to see her.  She is now a mother of two!  😮  Her one-year-old daughter was sleeping so she came out with just her 4-year-old daughter.  She is very cute and looks and acts just like her mom.

After that, I came down to have dinner with two Young Nak members:  Taeyoung and Sungsoo.  Taeyoung is still as well-behaved as ever… and still calls me “ah-juh-ssi”!  LOL.  I suppose I deserve that since she’s 20!  😛  Sungsoo, who is now 23, was becoming a very thoughtful man.  For those that know him, I knew him when he was in high school and has always had attitude with him.  So I was very pleasantly shocked to find out he’s been teaching Sunday school, taking kids on mission trips and such.  God does do miracles after all!!  LOL…

Then, I went to visit the newlywed, Sunhee.  It happened that Chancety was in town as well, so I got to see those … along with Sunhee’s wife.  It was good just hanging out and catching up.  I was just glad to see him doing well…

Then thanks to Joe John, I had a place to sleep for the night!  😀  After church at good ol’ AKPC, I had lunch with Young Ji, young Hwa, and Hakbum, and good ol’ time catching up on everyone…

Afterwards, I tried to see if I could visit Daniel and Amanda but they were busy.  But thankfully, Karen noona and her family were free!  So I went to visit them in south Austin and had good time catching up sharing about everything from raising kids to Korean culture.

I realized that it really isn’t that far from PS’ house to Austin!  It’s only a little over 2 hours!  And I wasn’t even speeding!!  Anyhow, I hadn’t seen some of these people for 5 years!  When I visit Dallas, I will be seeing people that I hadn’t seen in longer time than that!!  Yikes!

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