Dilemmas: Presidential Election 2008

Man… I don’t know who to vote for this time around!

My liege to the Reps has been long dwindling with Bush jr.’s poor choices and performance.  The killer was his denying that we are not in a recession!  WTH?!  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to pay for gas and rising food cost!  😡  So anyhow, I was doubtful of it…

Then decent looking candidate arose, and his name was Ron Paul!  But alas, despite my vote for him, he lost.  🙁  Then McCain won.  Don’t get me started on him!  The deal breaker was finding out that he and his aides were behind supporting EADS in earning the $40 billion air tanker deal from Air Force!  😡  😡

And then there are the Dems!  Oh where do I start?!  Hilary?!!  Poo ha ha ha!!  And last time I heard, she’s on the losing streak… and Obama?  His very nature and sense of who he is just… bothers me!  No one can be THAT nice!  Let me rephrase that… No politician can be that nice!  And he just seems too… inexperienced… not to mention that he will kill the space program!

Oh the sheer dilemmas!!  🙁  Ron, why did you lose, Ron?!!  This is going to be a tough year… and tough 4 years after that!!!  God help us all!!

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  1. do you really want to start a discussion of this on this board?

    The biggest fear that I have this election is that people go to the polls feeling sorry for themselves and looking to big brother to fix things.

    Also interesting is that you voted for Ron Paul, but are even considering voting for the dems as they are about as opposite as as you can get. Paul was probably the most libertarian of the repub candidates, ie: very limited government while the current field of dems (obama or hillary) has been all about growth of government power even more than the previous Clinton admin (who was fairly moderate). I can understand if you are thinking about Barr (the libertarian party candidate)…..

    Btw, the proper definition of a recession is 2 quarters of negative growth. We have yet to have one.

  2. dood. wat’s wrong with barack. he is that nice. c’mon. even buffet is supporting him. hope! change! obama for your mama!

  3. DP: Reason for possibly going Dems is because of McCain! I just can’t vote for the guy! He sucks! And sucks big time! 😡 As for recession definition, books can say whatever… the real people feel it as a recession.

    Jo: He’s too… young. There’s no sense of perspectives (at least from my perspective) from this guy…

  4. Hmmm another interesting answer. There is no THE truth, there is only MY truth. Forget proper definitions or what the actual conditions are, since people ‘feel’ it – or more precisely – how you perceive what people ‘feel’, it must be what it is.

    Again, my greatest fear is the Americans go to the voting booth feeling sorry for themselves…..

    Anyway, I never stated that you should vote for mccain or anyone else. Just saying that for someone that voted for a candidate that espouses limited government to the length that ron paul does that you would even consider voting for someone (obama) that is all for enlarging government. You know, stuff like federalizing the health care industry, increasing tax rates, environmental regulations, increasing private property regulations, regulating private gun ownership, etc etc etc.

  5. I still read them. 🙂 But in regards to the economy, reason I’m so concerned is that oil cost going up drives up everything else. Including food among many other things. So when all these basic costs (food & gas) are going up along with electricity and others, I worry… do you think that’s unfounded still?

  6. Worrying or being concerned about how to make ends meet is one thing, but we were talking about definition of a recession and I was concerned that things were blown out of proportion. Yes, the economy has softened, but we are not even at the point of what went on in early 2000s (probably the mildest recession on record). And what happened in early 2000s was nothing compared to early 1990s and that was nothing compared to late 70’s (I remember the gas lines and general pessimism – think about how bad it was when an 8-10 year old like me had that impression). The late 70’s had unemployment rate nearing double digits and had interest and inflation rates in the double digits plus the gas price shocks and shortages (thank-you windfall profits tax).

    Of course, Houston was suffering in the mid 80s when the oil price burst. 🙂

    Anyway, all I am saying is that let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill and call for some drastic government action. I would argue that it was government action that caused some of this issues (ie, ethanol subsidies and mandates and other subsidies and mandates to inefficient alternative energy, no oil exploration or nuclear, etc). Again, wasnt it strange that gas prices which was in the 2-2.50 range for quite some time suddenly spiked to 4? Or the spike of food prices? I would even submit the recent unemployment spike from around 5.2 to 5.5 percent had to do with some government action (minimum wage changes).

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