MRI Results and Update

First, sorry for a day-late update but I stayed with Soojin at the hospital for past 24 hours so I had no Internet access…  and MRI results weren’t explained to us till about 6 pm local time anyway.  But in short, MRI results didn’t show anything to worry about.

I forget all the medications names but she’s been on IV medications of several kinds and at least Soojin’s conditions have been slowly improving.  The doctor told us that she can check out on Thursday and finish resting up.  SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) is 50/50 in terms of full recovery in her high frequency hearing.  Her vertigo is lessening with the medications and some shots to her neck… forget what it was.  😛  You know me… clueless when it comes to medical stuff.  I think it was some kind of anesthesia.

Her place is shared with 4 other ENT patients, all females.  I couldn’t sleep till about 4 am because some of those grandmas snored louder than I do and two even talked in their sleep!  Loudly!  And personally, I still don’t understand why it takes 7 medications and a shot in the butt to cure cold!  I believe it’s all those medications that has been giving me diarrhea for past 4 days!  🙁  It sucks…  I skipped today’s breakfast to see if it helps…

I just wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for us and especially for Soojin.  We know now just how much God loves her.  🙂  And also how much you guys love her as well.  Thank you, thank you!  😀  I just pray that once she returns to her mom’s home, she will recover and be able to enjoy the rest of the time with the family.

My flight is tomorrow (Wednesday).  Don’t forget to pick me up Danny!  😛  See you all soon…

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  1. YEAH!! Our God is good!! I’ll continue to pray for your safe trip back and for soojin and the kids back in korea.. and for soojin to recover soon and completely~~~

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