MRI Update and the Kids

Well, though they took the MRI today AND the CT scan, they won’t know anything till Monday. Why? ’cause our important doctors are off on weekends. šŸ™ So no one knows how to read them. So off we went to relieve Soojin’s aunt from taking care of Soojin at the hospital. We took a taxi to the Chonbuk University Hospital and I am still amazed at the fact that it only cost $5 to get there! šŸ˜€

When we got there, the wing that she was moved to was a very nicely built new section. Clean, bright and it didn’t smell like a hospital! Soojin was in decent spirits… but she’s been on IV and steroids to start some of the treatment, along with some other fluids for MRI. At least one of those have made her stomach feel all too weird and though she is hungry, she hasn’t had the desire to eat much.

The kids were rather happy to see their mommy… especially JJ. Why am I surprised? For the most part since her sickness, the kids have been very much go-lucky and played very well together, almost seemingly unaware of their mother’s sickness. But I knew at least Anna was old enough to know a bit about being sick and such. JJ rushed to mommy’s side and brushed her hands against his cheeks and caressed his face on it. He can be such a sweetie sometimes. šŸ™‚ As for Anna, Soojin told me that they have their “secret” code of affection. I found out to my astonishment, that it was their index fingers kissing each other! She said that their fingers were worms and that it was their “worm kiss”. In fact, the night before she was hospitalized again, that makes it Thursday night, I put JJ to sleep. And when it was Anna’s time to sleep, she wanted to sleep with Soojin. Though I protested a bit, Soojin said it’s ok (and that I could move her to the other room where I slept with the kids after she fell asleep). As the two laid side by side, Soojin asked if Anna remembered their secret shake and upon doing their shake, Anna cried! šŸ™

Anna has always been very much an emotional girl. Laughing one minute and then crying the next. And it felt like she couldn’t pretend and hold her tears back… and the floodgate opened. She cried for the first time then. It nearly broke my heart hearing her cry next to her… I really pray that Soojin gets well enough before I leave for the States on Wednesday.

On related sibling note, the two have always played so well together. Sure they do fight and tell-tale on each other frequently, but for the most part, they play very well with each other. I can only thank Soojin for bringing them up so brightly. I have always hated having to restrict kids in their enjoyment of life. I know I have to help them know when to cut it down or such… especially when it’s night time (for the neighbors’ sake) and at places like hospitals where sick people need to rest. But for the most part, even in public, I try to minimize interrupting their fun. Even others comment on how well they play with each other… it’s very noticeable when one’s sleeping or sick ’cause it’s quiet. When both are awake and well, however, it’s a ruckus. And for the most part, I like it. šŸ™‚ Here’s couple of clips of what their fun looks and sounds like…

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  1. Why did they put Soojin on steroids? Some kind of inflammation? At least she’s not claustrophobic; those MRI machines can suck.

  2. I’m guessing that it’s for the “sudden hearing loss”. When I googled that phrase, steroids was frequently named as medication of choice for treatment.

  3. o dear… sorry you cant get a diagnosis yet šŸ™ we’ll get the whole congregation to pray for you tomorrow…
    super cute but super sad about the kids and how they acted when they saw their mama..

  4. i am so sorry you guys are going through such a hard time. tell soojin that we will be praying for her and the kids in korea and you too peter.

  5. steroid are probably used to decrease the swelling of the brain if that’s what was causing the symptoms.. she should make sure she takes it w/ food or w/ pepcid since it can hurt the stomach…

    i’ll be praying for the soojin and the result of the mri/ct. If you can, you should ask them to copy it onto the CD (very easy to do and make sure that it’s done w/ program to open it up) so that she can have comparison if needed later..

    i feel so helpless when she is sick so far away.. but i am praying.. and i know our God listens…

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