Sudden Hearing Loss with vertigo

At least that’s what the doctors are calling it now from the Chonbuk University Hospital.  Worst part is that I feel responsible.  Why?  It’s because they say that it’s due to stress and fatigue, and I was responsible for the busy schedule while in the country trying to visit all the relatives and friends.  🙁

They are taking MRI to check for possible tumor in her ear.  If tumor exists, she has to be moved to Seoul for surgery.  :O  If not, they will treat her via medicines and what not here.  I just pray that it isn’t a tumor and that the treatment would be short.

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  1. Hey Peter,

    Don’t worry man. We are all here thinking and praying about you guys. I wouldn’t blame yourself either. The trip over there with the whole family is probably stressfull enough, besides the schedule. And now Soojin is resting and will not be stressed out and should start to recover. I’ll pray more about a good outcome. For some reason I can’t access my email at home right now. So, I’ll just check on this site.

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