Good news for our “little” sister Christine!

Christine has entered our lives in a flash and have really changed our lives!  She has a very rare disease called Devic’s disease, one that affects one’s nervous system… well, as loyal readers would know, it has led her to temporary but lengthy blindness.  She can see a bit and one would think that such rare and difficult disease would bring you down, but not our Christine!

She has been more than a trooper over the little over past year we have known her.  She is very frank and honest and does not hold herself back.  Well, one of her doctors recommended her for an experimental treatment using Rituxan, a medication used to treat cancer.   The drug does similar things that needs to be done to treat someone like her.

Well, that was end of last year.  She has been bravely, and patiently, trying to get an appointment to be treated.  Yet, because her condition is so rare and the medication is for cancer patients, unlike herself, things have been… complicated.  But she has shared that she finally got through the red tape and got the appointment scheduled for 26th of the month!!  I am so happy for her… and how she has held herself through these past years.  If I had to pick my own “Person of the Year”, she would definitely get it.  Right Christine?!  😀  Hope this wasn’t out of line…  Soojin and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful to God for introducing someone so amazing to our lives.  I don’t think she sees how much an encouragement and challenge she has brought to us.

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  1. Your entry is encouraging and touching, and I’m embarrassed to admit my eye is a bit wet. But just one eye. Not both. Haha. Thanks for sharing and for being such an oppa in my life along with Soojin Unni. Seriously, you are like family. It is a testimony to God’s existence what Pathways and its people have to offer in ways of support and love.

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