Thoughts on Relationships

After writing and sharing about Christine, it made me re-affirm about what it takes to develop great relationships. To refer to a cliché, “it takes two to make the things go right.” 😛 I always make the effort to reach out, but I can only reach out so much, and without any feedback or reciprocation, it’s hard to not only tell if the other person appreciates what you do, but also makes it hard to know if the other person wants more in a relationship. And I mean this in as generic tone as possible.

Friendships and relationships are a two-way street. If it’s only me that makes the effort, the relationship can only go so far. However, when both sides take chances at investing in the relationship, things really start to pick up. Also, being a human, I can only make so much of an effort in reaching out, and unless/until the other person takes a step closer to me (even if it’s only a tiny baby step), my relationship with that person won’t develop as much. Just a 2 cents. Any thoughts?

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  1. ok ok. peter, will u be my friend? 😛

    i hear what you’re saying, bro. why make an investment when there won’t be a return, right? not to say that persistence should be ignored, but there is only so much effort one can put forth in the context of the size of our church. and ours is still pretty small by comparison, ya know?

    i will hug you one time on the date of my choosing. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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