A Friend Lost, A Friend Found

So there’s a friend of mine who I’ve lost touch with for several years now.  His name is Won Lee, who now goes by Jacob.  O_o  He was… eccentric, at best.  He is a very good at being a job pusher as he was KUSA president in the year of ’95 thru ’96, while I was at UT Austin.

He was very efficient at what he did.  Perhaps too well, and burned lots of bridges in the process.  To find him again, I started a Facebook group by the name of “Do you know Won Suk Lee”.  😀  There are so far 9 people in it but I was doing it as a semi-experiment to see if I could find him through it.  ‘Lo and behold, Yuri came to the rescue, as she happened to know Won’s younger brother, John’s phone number!  How weird is that?  So I call him up though I’ve never met him before, and got the dork, I mean, Won 😛 and called him up.

We had good dinner to catch up.  He’s now working at GE Finance making the big bucks.  Why am I writing all this up?  You see, he is a bit anti-social and proud of not having much (in fact, any) presence on the web.  So there you go, Won!  LOL…  Many people asked me why I wanted to “bother finding a guy like him” again?  Sure he has his difficult moments.  But to me, everyone has his/her faults.  I, reminded by the words of Jun Kang, another eccentric saved for another time and entry, have very bad short-term memory and it ends up irritating a lot of people.  But that’s who I am and can’t really help it … much.  Since we are all “incomplete by nature”, I believe that we all should be embracing others no matter how odd and strange and difficult that other person may be.

After all, we all want to be simply accepted for who we are… just as Christ received us.  Unconditionally.

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