God’s Sense of Timing

So in light of finding my lost friend, there’s a rather funny and amazing story attached to it. You see, before having found my friend, I had offered my sister-in-law that I would pick up her friend from the train station at 9 pm since my brother was out of town due to his church’s youth group retreat.

Then, I had found Won Suk Lee by the miracle of God that same day and due to being out of town that weekend, and busy work schedule next week, that same day was the only day he was available to come out and see me. This was 7 pm when we spoke. By the time we would meet, it would be 8 pm and so we would only have an hour, especially since he wanted to be home by no later than 10:30 pm.

We met up in Fort Lee/Palisades Park area since he needed to eat anyway. So we catch up and eat and it was raining. However, a good bit before 9 pm, my in-law calls me apologizing that her friend would be coming later now more likely at 10 pm. Well, that was a God-given gift for us to catch up more.

So we chatted till about 9:45 pm at which point, he left for home and I went to pick up my in-law’s friend. Turns out she couldn’t get on due to overflow in the previous bus ride, and so the funny(?) point is that her being delayed was a “welcome” gift for me to catch up with my friend. It was funny to me… 😛

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