ER x 5

I’ve never been to ER in my life… until I lost my eye sight temporarily!
It happened when I was a Research Assistant at UT and worked with lasers. This one particular UV lamp bounced around a chamber (as a wave) and “fried” my eyes temporarily. My eyes hurt whether I close them or not! It was my very first time at ER…

Then, I got married. Soojin cut her left index fingertip off one day cutting odang (fishcake) and went to ER only to wait several hours. She got it back together thanks to her never-giving up attitude.

Then we went again when Anna was about a year old and her fever was over 104F!! Only to wait like 6 hours and get stupid Infant Motrin! We were back earlier again this year when Anna had some kinda stomach virus and kept throwing up even liquids! But we were there for 8 hours!

Then this past Sunday, Soojin and Sanghee went to Texas Children’s Hospital for JJ’s nasty gash! Out of our 5 experiences, we have learned to avoid Clear Lake Regional Medical Center with 100-yard stick and if it’s our kids and not life-threatening, we are better off driving up to Texas Children’s!!

I avoided hospitals and ERs for so long… but having a family definitely makes that ER avoidance impossible! Oh well… at least we are all better and we have all been to ER at least once!

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