Yikes!  What a day!

So we are at church.  I’m setting up the computer and others for service, and Soojin’s doing her usual greeting preparations… suddenly JJ comes running crying!  And what do I see?!!  A huuuuge gash on his right rear forehead!!   😮

The gash was about 1/4″ deep and half inch or so long!  I’m not that worried ’cause it looked like a bad scar but nothing serious.  Soojin takes a look and she is freaking out to the nth degree!!

Eventually, we decide to wait for Sanghee Samonim to get here (she’s a RN) and get her opinion who says at her arrival that JJ needs to get to ER.  So Soojin and Sanghee leave for Texas Children’s Hospital.

Eventually, the doctors decide to pull the skins together to apply… some kind of crazy glue!  😮  Yikes… I never knew that there’s an alternative to the old fashioned stitches!  Anyhow, Soojin later told me how well JJ was at the ER.  He didn’t cry one bit!  Even the nurses and the doctor were surprised!  He made me so proud.

Kids play and get hurt.  I’m just glad and thankful that it wasn’t worse.  Boys though do play rougher and are more prone to such larger damage.  Oh well.  C’est la vie!

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