Touch: Five Love Languages

Christine brought this up… Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book called Five Love Languages that Soojin and I read together before we were married.  Soojin’s primary one was “Affirmative words” which meant that she loved to hear words of encouragement, words of affirmation, that she is doing an excellent job.  Mine, being more of a typical guy, is “Physical Touch”.

So the number one thing Soojin hates hearing is “Honey, could you rub my back?”    I just looooove a back rub/massages.  Shoot, she could just massage it forever!!  Well, my kids inherited this from me as well.  Soojin used to say “Wait till you get a taste of your own medicine!”    So both Anna and JJ just loooove a back rub.  Just prior to sleeping tonight, both of them asked me to rub/scratch their backs!!  Man… I felt Soojin’s pain… but also how much I loved those rubs!!  It’s like they were in heaven!!  Soojin tells me all the time that it’s the little boys that need more physical touch when growing up so I try not to tell them “No more!” and make the extra effort … but boy is it tiring!! 

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