Sickness & Pain this Lent Season

As we remember what Jesus has done for us this Lent season, one thing became rather clear: that many of us are suffering from some kind of sickness.

In review, Pastor Shawn and Chung have just recently been suffering from migraines again after at least two years of no migraines.  They get it to the degree where Chung tends to faint, and Pastor Shawn can’t do anything.  Ken, myself, and starting this year, Soojin have been suffering from severe allergies.  Soojin and I had it to a degree where we ended up with sinus/upper respirtory infections.  Anna and JJ had stomach virus where Anna’s was more severe and had to be taken to ER for dehydration.

What does this all mean for us, especially in this Lent season?  It’s a small (a very small one at that) reminder that Jesus had to go through even greater suffering in order to save us.  40 days of no food, bleeding and dying on the cross, and 3 days of loneliness in hell.  All so that you and I could be saved.  Our own sicknesses are a very minute reminders of how great a suffering Jesus must have gone.

As we have been praying this Lent season, may we all be able to remain thankful… that we were given opportunities to get a tiny taste of what it must’ve been like for Christ in His suffering, and that we should do our very best to endure the suffering… for He came out victor over death.

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