???? – The Island House Baby

??? ? ??? ? ?? ??
??? ?? ?? ?? ???
??? ???? ?? ???
? ?? ???? ?? ???

roughly translated:
When mommy goes to dig some oysters,
The baby is left home alone
And as he listens to the lullaby from the tide
He falls asleep lying on his arms.

This has been one of my all time favorite children’s song… something about it is so soothing and comforting… that I began sing this song to Anna and JJ…

Well, I begun the song again as I tried to put them to sleep… only to be stopped…  here’s the run down…

Me:  ??? ? ???
Anna:  ??, ? ? ????
Me:  Uh… it’s an island… anyway, ? ?? ??…
Anna:  ??, ?? ????
Me:  Um… ?? ?? ??…
Anna:  What’s ???

Well, you get the idea… with JJ, they both practically stopped me every other phrase of the song…    Oh well… the inquisitive mind wants to know…  It’s frustrating… but cute at the same time…  oh well… welcome to fatherhood! 

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