The Brainiest Cities in US

The brainiest cities in the United States

Top 25 cities with more than 250,000 population, ranked by percentage of bachelor’s degrees among residents 25 and older

City                  State      Percent
Seattle               WA         52.7
San Francisco      CA          50.1
Raleigh              NC          50.1
Washington        DC          45.3
Austin                TX          44.1
Minneapolis        MN          43.2
Atlanta               GA          42.4
Boston               MA         40.9
San Diego          CA          40.4
Lexington-Fayette    KY     39.5
Denver     CO     39.0
Charlotte     NC     38.8
Portland     OR     38.8
St. Paul     MN     36.5
San Jose     CA     36.1
Colorado Springs     CO     34.9
Honolulu     HI     34.7
Oakland     CA     33.8
Pittsburgh     PA     32.3
New York     NY     32.2
Albuquerque     NM     32.2
Anchorage     AK     32.2
Omaha     NE     31.9
Nashville-Davidson     TN     31.7
Columbus     OH     31.4
New Orleans     LA     31.4

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Interesting… and surprised that Houston’s not in it?! Oh well… not surprised that Boston and Austin are in there…

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  1. Yes, Ken, Mia, and I live in the smartest city! How are you? I finally figured out how to post a video clip on my blog!

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