Shanna’s Pizza Parlor

We go to the county library nearby about once a week…
There, the kids, mostly Anna, pick out books to read.  Well, somehow, she discovered Shanna, a very outspoken and creative girl. The book character, not a real person!    In this particular book, Shanna offers all kinds of strange combinations of toppings for the pizza… it’s actually quite gross combo… even Anna agreed! 

When I asked her what she wanted on her pizza, she went on all over in terms of the toppings.  On top of that, she started asking if you could put non-food stuff on the pizza!!    In the end, I loved the book for encouraging the kids like Anna to think beyond the typical… beyond the average, and teaching her to think outside the box.

You see, when I was in my 20s thinking of what I wanted my kids to learn, I wanted one of those to be for my kids to be able to learn to be both expressive and creative.  I didn’t want my kids to grow up stuck inside the box, per se.  I’m glad she’s way out of the box!    She’s so imaginative… makes me proud.

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