Bubba Shrimp

I never did well in Biology class in high school.  That fermedahyde smell killed me.  Well, I got to re-affirm that today.  Soojin wanted some tempura-style shrimps.  There must’ve been at least a hundred there!

Don’t forget… I don’t do shell fish… to say the least.  So I start taking the shells off… man, is the smell bad!!  I started to get nautious… wanted to throw up… Then Soojin tells me that I have gut out the black nervous systems!    The whole process must’ve taken about an hour!  Sheesh…  At this point, I’m half the time holding my breath.  Nauseated beyond despair…

Soojin got the batch ready… dip it in flour first, then egg, and then the bread powder.  After another half hour of frying and taking in the stink, I am ready to barf!  I seriously had to go to Wal Mart and get Sweppes Ginger Ale, the best retail-brand ginger ale money can buy! 

I’m feeling much better now… but the place is still striken with the funky bubba shrimp smell!  At least Anna and JJ enjoyed it!

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