If I had the money to start my own business…

… it would entail a computer consulting/building/repairing services.

For retail stores like BestBuy and CompUSA to charge like $50 for a measley memory upgrade (which involves opening the case and removing and placing in a stick or two of memory for total of 5 minutes!) is ludicrous to me.  In fact, it’s despicable!  😡

So much in fact, that if I ever came into large amount of money, I want to start my own non-profit computer services.  It would encompass advice and consulting on what to upgrade, best value, and other general things.  In fact, I’d NOT charge for memory upgrades!  Sheesh… The sheer greed of these corporations gets on my nerves!  I’d definitely be about affordability mixing with quality services.  

We would tell where the consumer could get the best prices be it online or retail stores, what’s good value and not.  And my advice would entail around the customer’s actual non-bloated needs!

Ok… thanks for letting me vent off…  😉

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