Technology Advancement… is it really advancement?

The past 30 years have been just simply amazing… Technology as we know it continues to change and all these “technological evolution”… it brings a constant question to an engineer like myself: “Is technology advancement really an advancement?”

I had written a sociology paper about 12 years ago in college. I will provide a link to that later but in the mean time, there are two things that we must address to categorize such existence of “technology advancement”. First is the impact on human emotion and attachment and second is the spiral effect of technological impact on the society.

Frankly, I have doubts. I don’t trust myself nor the humanity. We are bound to make mistakes in the “name of science” just like we did with the nuclear bombs. So long as we are humans (and especially without God in the picture), such horrendous “progress” will always abound. Sooner or later, greed and atrocity kicks in. Full speed.

I don’t look forward to that… This also brings in the counter question: “Should we continue developing technology at all?” Humans are like creatures of habit. It’s in my gene and our nature to continue this path. We can only pray that we don’t make mistakes and ask God for humility and guidance. Careful retrospective looks must continuously be applied…

Well? What say you? Share…

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