Work and Kids

Wow… the work at Boeing has been quite busy… so busy in fact that when I get home, I am just too tired and exhausted. However, since Soojin works 3 nights a week, I have to feed them and watch them till she returns.

This poses a problem. I have no energy and am too tired to do anything with them. This in turn brings double whammy of guilt (for not being able to play more with them). It’s taking a toll on me as I also have been working out at least two times a week (hopefully to bring that to three times a week). The only time I can workout at the new Starport Fitness Center is close to the closing time: 9:00 pm.

If you have kids, you know that trying to keep to a schedule is near impossible. I just hope I can get a breather… steam cloud . after my grandma’s funeral, I have practically zero vacation left so I can’t relax much either… oh well, time to hang onto God for my dear life! 😉

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