The Astronaut Farmer – Review and Thoughts

So I got a chance to see this movie and watched it at first with reservation.

At first, it sounds like a whacked up comedy job, but as the plot thickens, I saw the dream and hope of one man, and his family. In reality, it hit home for me even more so because I have always wanted to go into space. However, chance of getting into the astronaut corps is worse than my becoming a doctor! So the fact that he’s an aerospace engineer like me hit me. On top of that, even more reality of the fact that he has a family to care for and responsible for hit even harder. Astronaut training takes a long time, and a lot out of you. I just don’t know if I could put my family through it.

In the end, I still cried for its touch on humanity, not losing hope, and chasing the dream caught my attention. The flow could’ve been better, but I didn’t watch it for that. Acting though was very well done, I must say. Dad was now a hero. Just for that alone, it was very touching. 4/5 is what I give it.

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