JJ’s “interesting” habits

We all have strange habits.  I bite my lip skin off when they start to chap.    Anna loves her “touching blanket”.   She loves to sleep ON it.  She likes to feel all that oddity popping out on the top of the blanket.  Soojin likes to take the scabs off her heel. 

My son is no exception.  Most of know of his sleeping habit … of having to touch our rings on our fingers when he is sleepy or is about to sleep.  It’s kinda cute… until your fingers start hurting.  Still cute.  Well, I noticed another strange habit of his today.  Quite strange but cute.  On our way to the Bible study at Formosan Church, to keep them awake (so they can sleep on the way back and not be wide awake!), I let them watch their favorite cartoon shows (mainly cycle between Dora, Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the Backyardigans.  Well, he must’ve been extra tired because he still fell asleep watching his favorite Thomas.  Then I noticed it.  I didn’t see any of his hands!    Almost worried, I searched a bit only to realize that he put his hands behind his back!  Odd, I thought.

Well, today as he sleeps at home, I noticed that he puts his hands underneath him as he slept.  Oddly, Soojin had to move him and as soon as she lay him down, he slid his hands under the pillow!  I guess he likes to keep his hands warm.  Cute kid.  Great moment.  He’s something. 

Andrea Bocelli / Paul Potts

With the sensation of Paul Potts hitting the opera scene via “Got Talent” in Britain, it made me think about my all-time favorite tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Most already know that he’s an Italian and blind. My favorite song, as many probably claim, is “Con te partiro”.

His voice somehow touches the soul and is able to give breath of peace and life into me. This whole reminder came about because of this British ex-cell phone seller (who evidently did study a bit of opera) gave it a shot.

My wife also was very moved by Paul’s story. You can just search his name on Youtube and will see a whole bunch. Here’s one for you to sample … his “debut” on the show and how everyone of even the slightest heart was sold on him.

Without further adue…

Jon & Kate Plus 8

A friend of mine, Roland, shot me an e-mail about this show he watched on TV. It’s entitled “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on Discovery Health and TLC. You see, it’s a show about this couple and, get this, EIGHT (8) kids!! 😮

According my friend, the dad is half Korean (not that that should change anything about this couple’s daily challenging lives). Paul M., if you are reading this, that should make you look! 😀 They have 2 twins that are 6 years old and 6 sextuplets that are 2 years old! Wow. Their website is at Gosselin Sextuplets & Twins.  So these 8 kids are 1/4 Korean by blood but many of them have that distinct Korean genes in them.  I was rather shocked ’cause by the time it goes into 2nd generation, ethnic blood/genes don’t show very well.  They sure are adorable though.  🙂  Makes me wish we had more kids… but not that many!  LOL.  I have some friends that are of mixed racial marriages and it seems like a 50/50 ratio (more or less) how the genes carry through.

If you guys have some recordings of it, let me know. I’m curious to see their daily lives! The sheer madness is gotta be maddening! I sure hope they have more help!

A boy and a girl: The difference

So the two of us, Soojin and I, are not too favorable on “conditional raising” of our kids.  That is, I don’t believe in giving the boys just “boy toys” and “girl toys” for girls.  Well, much to my surprise, as I try to play with my kids that are fighting some kind of fever, I find JJ playing with cars on a rug that has roads drawn on, and Anna playing with dolls and stuffed toys putting hair clips and and hair bands on them!  😀

All this without us giving either of them any special treatment or conditioning!  It’s just another proof that God has made us unique and special.  On top of that, our kids have been fairly superb being sick and all.  Even amidst sickness, they were so playful and affectionate… especially towards their mom.  🙂  Mommies are the best when you are sick.  Hands down.  I don’t blame them at all for going to their mom so affectionately when they are sick.

STS-117 Lands Successfully!

STS-117 landingWell, after much delay due to poor weather at KSC, Atlantis and its crew landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base in California. This flight caught some attention due to OMS pod blanket damage and I’m just glad that everyone’s hard work paid off! 😀

Great great job!

Please pray for a friend of mine…

His name is James and is the choir director at Hanbit Presbyterian Church.

He has a weak kidney that has taken a toll out of him over the years.
He found a donor/match for a new one (his sister in Korea) who will be flying in next week for the liver transplant.

The tentative schedule for his surgery is end of June or early July. He is going to have to go through some preliminary testing and such so please pray for:

1. Doctors and nurses to handle his surgery and prep carefully and well
2. For the sister’s kidney to be a good match (and not be rejected by his body)
3. For great recovery.
4. For his family (wife and 2 kids but the younger baby is in Korea so wife can take care of him)

Thanks everyone and will keep you updated…