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A friend of mine, Roland, shot me an e-mail about this show he watched on TV. It’s entitled “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on Discovery Health and TLC. You see, it’s a show about this couple and, get this, EIGHT (8) kids!! 😮

According my friend, the dad is half Korean (not that that should change anything about this couple’s daily challenging lives). Paul M., if you are reading this, that should make you look! 😀 They have 2 twins that are 6 years old and 6 sextuplets that are 2 years old! Wow. Their website is at Gosselin Sextuplets & Twins.  So these 8 kids are 1/4 Korean by blood but many of them have that distinct Korean genes in them.  I was rather shocked ’cause by the time it goes into 2nd generation, ethnic blood/genes don’t show very well.  They sure are adorable though.  🙂  Makes me wish we had more kids… but not that many!  LOL.  I have some friends that are of mixed racial marriages and it seems like a 50/50 ratio (more or less) how the genes carry through.

If you guys have some recordings of it, let me know. I’m curious to see their daily lives! The sheer madness is gotta be maddening! I sure hope they have more help!

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  1. I LOVE this show!!! I looked a lot like the little girls in the show when I was young because my mom is white and my dad is Filipino. It’s really cool to see an interracial family like that on TV. It’s something I can identify with.

  2. One of the older girls commented in one episode that she was darker than her father. My mother is a geneologist and she told me that children can go back to the grand and great-grandparents to get their complexion color.

    Your observation is correct about them looking more Korean even though Jon is only half.

    This show is really wonderful! You can tell that those children are ALL loved and amazingly none of them are brats. I take my hat off to them both!

  3. On a recent episode of the sextuplets, Kate made the comment that the grandparents on either side, are not involved in their childrne’s everyday life. Do youknow why this is? Do they live far away, or is there another reason? This isthe cutest show!!!!

  4. I too wondered about the grandparents whom seem are MIA. I did see an episode where Jon’s grandmother was at a party, but his parents and Kate’s are never around!! I’d love to know whats behind it? What a shame to miss out on being a part of such wonderful little lives!

  5. To Cyndi, It could be a possibility… but one of my co-worker who is Caucasian is married to a Japanese man and her parents were seriously against them getting married (granted that was ’70s) so it’s a possibility… sad but possible…

  6. While it may be true that Kate’s parents may have had an objection to her marrying a person who’s half Korean, that does not explain the absence of Jon’s parents. I would really like to know why the grandparents are not around.


  7. But I wonder where his mother is and her parents? And I’m just glad he tells her when she is being ridiculous the way she orders him around and acts like he doesn’t know anything and her OCD kicks in.

  8. I think is very odd that the grandparents are not involved it seems as if they live within distance to visit. I do not know what a child could do to make a grandparent want to miss out on eight cute grand kids. They seem like a grandparents dream. It seems really odd maybe there is something we do not know about this family something they do not want everyone to know. Strange

  9. I am only a teenager and i am addicted to the show. Every time i turn on the tv i check and see if it is on. My favorite is just the original Sextuplets and Twins because they are still very young and cute and the twins are so helpful at such a young age.I would think that the grandparents would should be involved i sure would.

  10. This show is very adorable. I look forward to watching the show every week. I don’t have any kids of my own, but, I grew up in a family of 7 kids and I know how crazy it could be. It makes me miss home and appreciate being part of a big family.

  11. I saw the program the other night and I’ll tell you right off the bat, one of the twins should have been chatised when she stomped in from school on her birthday, with a puss down to the floor,kicking the balloon and waving a “dismissal” sign to the camera. She looked like a little brat, and Quints don’t seem to deal well with each other. I think it’s from watching mom slapp dad’s face all the time. Even if she is kidding, this doesn’t leave a good impresson on the children. Perhaps this is why they’re always hitting one another.

  12. Kath, that’s just a little judgmental. But I’m sure you have 8 kids under 10 too so I’m sure you’re an authority. A pox on your head!

  13. IlI love this family. The children are beautiful
    and the parents are wonderful.
    Mary from Mi

  14. Jon & Kate represent a part of America we don’t see on television. Most people on TV are idiot, morally bankrupt wannabes. It’s just so refreshing to see happy well adjusted people for a change.

  15. I think Kate and John do a GREAT job with their 8 children. Yes, Kate is controlling…but when you have 8 kids, I can only imagine that you have to be organized, scheduled and on top of things. Their kids are well behaved and sweet, proving that they are doing something right!!! There are fights and tantrums, but hey, they’re 3!!! Unless you’ve got 9+ at home, keep the judegements to yourself.

  16. I love this show but 2 me it seems that Hannah one of the sextuplets distance herself from the others. Why is that??Lastly the mother is cool in her own way but still can get a little contolling at times. The brother with the glasses seems to cry alot?? Also why is that. But overall great show and im watching it right now as we type.

  17. antmoli, are you kidding me in asking why hannahs quieter or why aaden cries more? theyre kids and all different, individual people, thats why. they dont and shouldnt act identical because theyre not tall he same person. that was a rediculous comment.

  18. Peter:
    Interestingly the bias continues even now in the 2000’s (as it did in the 70’s). I am white and married to a Vietnamese man, and have one new (4 week old) daughter. His family refuses to accept me, the marriage, and the baby because I am white American. They are missing out on the best thing in life. My parents on the other hand are very involved and love not only my husband but also the baby….absolutely to death.

  19. I think they are a great family and is going a awesome job raising 8 kids, people that leave bad comments are the one’s that dont have any kids and dont know any better

  20. I still love the show and watch it a lot! However, like others, Kate seems to have swayed from the original concept of the show- honesty and “realness.”

    It sort of bothers me, and so I wonder if any of you are a bit dismayed or disillusioned by the same shots that irk me.

    I don’t think it’s nice or very Christian to constantly slap your husband, and allow your children to think this is normal behavior. If it’s a joke, or a love pat, toddlers are unable to differentiate. Why? Because they can’t process the actual intent of their parents. My children were not allowed to slap each other. They were punished for that type of behavior. What would have happened if they would have seen their mother constantly slapping their dad? And, yes, I had a set of twins and 4 kids each a year apart. It was hard and that’s why I have a soft spot for Kate, but yet I won’t condone her behavior.

    Also, it bothers me when Kate says that she’s broke. We’re not silly folks here. We all know that her family is under contract for the TV show. GAP, among other stores provide clothing (advertisement), and Kate manages to maintain haircuts and colors her hair, which I think looks great! If you’re broke, you don’t go to the beauty parlor every 4 weeks. Any of us who frequently frost their hair, knows what that costs each month. LOL.

    The kids get their hair cut regularly, their dentist bill is reduced, and much of the food and other household items are donated. Kate and Jon have written a book, and that’s wonderful! – I hope it helps defray the cost of 8 children. Lord knows 8 kids are expensive.

    Jobs: Jon claims to be working at home now. Yet, I haven’t seen him working at home. I’m an IT person who works at home and believe it or not, I require a separate phone line, fax, scanner, printer and quiet. Jon works in a closet??? How can he do that? Very strange. I hope the show is substituting his income, and if so, be honest and say it.

    House: If you’re truly broke, how can you afford converting an attic to allow the twins to have their own room? Plus all new furniture (bedding) was purchases, and rugs were laid down throughout the home. Those are costly items. I know what it takes to buy shoes for kids. And Kate doesn’t get a chance to have her shoes off to other siblings. She has to buy several of the same pair at one time. UGH! Costly. And, she mentioned that she takes stuff to consignment.

    Church: They go every Sunday. But, if they are so Christian, why does Kate use her hands and berate Jon constantly. If the roles were reversed, and Jon hit Kate, they would be hell to pay from viewers! Hitting is not an acceptable parenting display of affection.

    Distorting the truth: Piano lessons, violin lessons. If you broke, are they a necessity? Or are the lessons also donated? If so, say so. Don’t let a few naive people think that they can have lots of kids and manage on one person’s salary. That’s what bothers me. If teens or any other naive folks watch this show-they will think that anything is possible. That’s just not acceptable and Jon and Kate should make these things clear.

    Chores: Kate has a lot of help-thankfully so. She needs it, as does any other mother with a few kids. However, there are plenty of parents how have large families and don’t have the help. Why not acknowledge all the help?

    I got to run because my twin grandchildren just woke up, and I baby-sit them when needed… My daughter also has 2 other children. 4 kids in 4 years. Diapers and diapers and pregnancies. LOL

    Kate and Jon have it hard, but thankfully they have help. I just hope the kids fare well through all of this.

    I hope the show goes on, and that we see less of Kates anger and anxiety. I luv those kids!

  21. I’ve been watching over a year. What I’ve heard on the show is Kate saying that HER parents just aren’t the grandparent “type”-but her brother Kevin and his wife Jody live around the block and are VERY involved. As for Jon’s folks, one episode showed the grandpa-who died when the twins were quite young, I want to say around 2. His mom remarried, says Jon, and she is busy with the new marriage and she works full time. I DID see her on an earlier episode. I gotta tell you, though, if I HAD those darling kids for grandkids, I’d be “meddling” 😉 ALL the time!!

  22. P.S. To Hele…Lighten up? Obviously their life styles have been impacted in more ways than one by baring their home and family to the public on tv. Frankly I don’t WANT to see Jon working…at home or otherwise…that isn’t what I look for in thisk ind of show. As for their expenditures it is their business, we are not the IRS andwould not be entitled or entertained by constant disclaimers.but we all know that there would be some endorsements or priveleges by being part of this show. More power to them. Their family is blessed by those perks and trips and lessons. And the fact that they can GET everyone to Church on Sunday is praiseworthy and if she (Kate)gets playful or pouty with her husband, well, welcome to reality AND Christian life…it is a constant challenge and gift. “Judge not…”


    YOU ARE NOT PERFECT AND NEITHER IS YOUR LIFE!! Even more so for the “Christians” on here making comments, it’s not very Christian-like to judge or gossip… so keep you hypocritical comments to yourself and worry about what you need to do to get YOURSELF into heaven.

    So what if Kate has an attitude sometimes, EVERYONE DOES EVEN YOU! I don’t blame her, having one kid is stressful, let alone eight. Look at the heathen kids of America, many have no morals, home-training, or respect, why don’t you harp on those parents?? Or instead of harping, try helping! Volunteer, adopt, anything… but no, it’s easier to sit around and talk about people.

    And about Kate hitting Jon, if that’s the way they play in their marriage, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Maybe you and your spouse play kinky sex games, but nobody bothers you about it! And that is NOT the reason why the kids hit each other. They hit each other because they are kids! That’s what kids do! They are not going to be lovey-dovey 24/7, especially when they are fighting over toys!

    AND IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHEN/WHERE JON WORKS AND WHAT THEIR FINANCIAL SITUATION IS!!! They are not sending signs that having 8 kids is financially easy, and if anyone gets that message from watching the show, they are an idiot.

    It’s got to be hard enough to have you personal life plastered all over tv and remain positive. People ALWAYS want to bring others down and nit-pick at any piece of others lives that they can. That’s why celebrities go crazy!

    Bottom line, instead of hating on this family –who is doing an AMAZING job, might I add– praise them for the fact that they are doing things right! Why don’t you focus your criticizing comments on other things that need criticizing! Like for instance, the media promoting sexuality at a young age, the fact that millions of American’s don’t have healthcare, gas prices, racism, sexism, the environment, guns, the war, poverty, injustice… there are so many things that are wrong, leave the good things to just be good.

    –American College Student who Loves Jon & Kate Plus 8

  24. Alright… let’s all just calm down. 😀 I for one am amazed that this post’s comments have kept a following of sorts!

    So far, I haven’t edited anyone’s comments and would like to keep it that way… 😉 Thanks for everyone’s inputs!

  25. I love this show! It makes my life with two teenagers and 2 year old twins oh and a newborn to boot seem like a breeze! I really admire them.I get a lot of fun ideas for things to do with my little ones.My children are 50% Korean and 50% white.My friends say Kate reminds them of myself because I am always bossing my husband around.I have to though to get things done and keep the house hold in running order.Any way great show and hope I can meet then one day.

  26. Kates father has his Masters Degree in Education. Hes a Teacher, a Minister, owns a large Campground, was in local govt and they just built a large beautiful house. And they have all their teeth. They love all their grandchildren but Kate has hurt them deeply when the tups were born.
    Kates Dads church where he is a Minister got tons of donations and volunteers for the tups and Kate was rude, nasty and demanded ONLY NEW MATCHING items.
    Then she demanded CASH. Then she disowned him when he refused to give in.
    She rejected unmatched cribs and clothing.
    She wanted 6 matching cribs etc
    These are the same grandparents that watched the twins the entire time Kate was in the hospital with the tups…

    See where this is going?

    It caused a rift and Kate disowned them in a huff and cut the tups out of their lives.

    and Kates “personality” has caused a rift with Jons Korean Mom

  27. Just wondering how you know all about Kate’s Family and what has gone on? Do you know the family personally or is all this information part of a circulating rumor?

  28. I’m scratching my head as I read these comments of how people hate Kate and blah blah blah. Come on, it’s called a remote. Turn the channel or turn it off. Try raising a lot of kids at once. Don’t be so overly critical. They are sharing their lives. If they get freebies good for them. It’s all part of the process. Do others on TV get freebies? I think I’m reading green eyed monsters. Be nice. Their life is tough with so many kids. They did the right thing by not having a reduction in utero. Pray for them instead of bashing them. God Bless you Jon and Kate. I pray for your whole family.

  29. I used to watch the show, but quit because Kate is so sarcastic, blunt, and demanding. Some actions and remarks she makes to the little ones aren’t necessary, such as the time she turned off the light as she left the bathroom and demanded the little boy sit on the potty until he peed. She didn’t need to tell the kids she was going to show their “chewies” away because they got gum in them. The kids weren’t allowed to get their clothes dirty when they went to the bakery to decorate cupcakes. She is always correcting and putting down her husband.

  30. Most men are idiots when it comes to kids and household chores….and many will readily admit this! My husband tells me himself, “You have to point out which chores, specifically, you need me to do, because I can’t read your mind.” He is a college professor and can’t seem to put two and two together when it comes to the children (ex: my wife is cooking and the baby has an obviously dirty diaper….hmmmmm, what to do?). My point is,,,I think Kate is straightforward and ‘to the point’ for a reason, so for those of you who must have husbands who “get it”, please understand that some husbands HAVE to be told what to do, or it will not get done!

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