The Blue Nile: Ethiopian Restaurant Experience

Since we will be heading out to Ethiopia for nearly two weeks soon, we all had agreed to try an authentic dining experience at The Blue Nile.  Much of it reminded me of my very first mission experience to Thailand.  Spicy and takes a bit getting used to.  Very sour bread but overall good experience.  I think I will be the only one to come back not losing weight!!  😛

I think Christine said it better so I’m gonna be lazy and link her entry!  😀

Introducing “Wavorly”

So for Father’s Day, Soojin got me two CDs. One of which is a new band CD who goes by the name of “Wavorly“, and yes, the spelling is correct. The new album is entitled “Conquering the Fear”. She found it on a catalog as it said it’s “recommended for the fans of Mae and Relient K”. This song entitled “Part One”, track #3. I think they may turn out to be a good one.

3. Part One
Dave Stovall, Matt Lott, Seth Farmer, Trevor McNevan

Both Part One and Endless Day were written about a book by C.S. Lewis called The Great Divorce. The main point in the book is that if you choose Heaven
you can’t take any part of Hell with you, and vice versa. Part One is about one of the characters who chooses Hell, while Endless Day is about a character
chooses Heaven.

In twilight
Where rain and gray aren’t innocent
None of us are
Shadow life
The light is dim and paranoid
This is all we have
Now we leave this place
Between the light and the dark there’s a comfortable grey
From all I’ve known I’m leaving today
Don’t make me turn away

When the Light comes (from far away)
I’m closing my eyes in shadow
When Darkness takes me (so far away)
I look for the Light and find that you can’t have both

I look around
See through myself and to the ground
For I am empty
What I have
It’s all I’ve got and is the cause of pain within me
Now we leave this place
Between the light and the dark there’s a comfortable grey
From all I’ve known I’ll have to part ways
I won’t go through this, the divorce is too great

I will not let go of all I’ve never wanted
Must I turn away my only hope to see the day?

© 2007 Allen Vaughn & Ray Publishing (ASCAP)/Ride The Wavorly (ASCAP)/Teerawk Music Publishing (SOCAN)/Thirsty Moon River Publishing Inc. (ASCAP). All
rights admin. by EMI CMG Publishing.