A boy and a girl: The difference

So the two of us, Soojin and I, are not too favorable on “conditional raising” of our kids.  That is, I don’t believe in giving the boys just “boy toys” and “girl toys” for girls.  Well, much to my surprise, as I try to play with my kids that are fighting some kind of fever, I find JJ playing with cars on a rug that has roads drawn on, and Anna playing with dolls and stuffed toys putting hair clips and and hair bands on them!  😀

All this without us giving either of them any special treatment or conditioning!  It’s just another proof that God has made us unique and special.  On top of that, our kids have been fairly superb being sick and all.  Even amidst sickness, they were so playful and affectionate… especially towards their mom.  🙂  Mommies are the best when you are sick.  Hands down.  I don’t blame them at all for going to their mom so affectionately when they are sick.

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  1. Maybe the ARE being exposed to conditional treatment re: genders outside the home, e.g. school and society. If not yet, it’ll happen. I am pretty sure we are still in the homophobic era where a boy will be socially castigated if he plays with Barbies.

  2. I’m sure there are some. But the fact is that we don’t encourage anything. In fact, Anna still shows a good 50% of tomboy-ish side of her. When she runs and plays, her energy is just sheer boy level! 🙂 JJ also kinda likes stuffed animals and treats them in cute manner… only when he’s in the mood. LOL.

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