What makes me a nerd/geek

Well, I was not born a nerd… but I soon became one. 😛

So here’s what I consider to be the stuff that made/makes me geek or a nerd

1. Took Calculus in high school… in my junior year
2. My favorite author in high school was Arthur C. Clarke
3. I spent countless hours playing RPG games on my hard-earned NES
4. My Verbal SAT score was almost half of my Math SAT score 😮
5. I observed how calculus was applied in real life
6. I loved to derive equations and formulae
7. I memorized a car’s performance and features
8. I could tell what car was on the road after a quick glance
9. Star Trek: The Next Generation is da bomb
10. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard is da man. “Engage”. “Make it so, Number One.”
11. I love sci-fi and fantasy movies
12. Was a fan of Lord of the Rings before the trilogy movies came out.
13. Went to Polytechnic Institute for college. ’nuff said
14. I was a bookworm when I turned nine. All I did was read.
15. My GPA from college … was high. We’ll leave it at that.
16. My major was aerospace engineering.
17. I catch up on latest technology developments
18. Gizmodo.com : Need I say more?
19. My hobby is building and tweaking computers.
20. I like to fix computers
21. I help moderate four computer/technology forums
22. I play loads of games, mainly on PC
23. “Final Fantasy VII” is a masterpiece
24. “Baldur’s Gate I & II” are masterpieces
25. I play GRAW (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior) online almost daily
26. I thrive on cool gadgets
27. Yet I’m very weary of technological advancements
28. I can compress DVD into a smaller compressed video files
29. I know “pi” to 11th place.
30. My job is a rocket science.

Is that sufficient to be categorized as a nerd/geek? I believe that geeks are mostly pretty benign and safe people. Nerds however can be somewhat stuck up. 😛 Geeks are the ones that make the world go around. Understanding people that are different from you is part of what makes you a human. Fearing difference is the beginning of violence among humans. Trying to understand that difference and embracing is what love is.

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  1. I also loved calculus and took it in h.s. and also took the AP exam for it. I would be the only one in class that would work out the extra credit problems that took a page or 2 to solve. I loved derivatives, etc. I My second favorite math was geometry; I liked theoroms and postulates. I play Sims (does that count as RPG?). I like Star Wars but can’t get into Star Trek nor LotR. I also love to read (duh) and collected stamps and Baby-Sitters’ Club books when I was young. Other than that, I was pretty cool.

  2. Oooh… forgot to add that I collected stamps for a while in high school. 😛 Also took AP exam for Calc as well… Just admit it, you are a geek!

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