UPS Sucks (Part II)!!!!

So if you read my previous original post about UPS Sucks, you know my ongoing pain with these shippers.  At first, the insurance claims was denied.  The argument on their side was that packaging was poor.  So I requested a dispute on the claims based on that for insured packages to be re-packed in front of an employee and not be done anything about it (like warning me that my packaging will not be covered for insurance).  I don’t ship everyday nor anything that expensive.  So assuming that UPS cover my back is a bad one?!!   I don’t have the time to read all the stupid fine prints before shipping a package, especially when I rarely do so.

After nastry call with the UPS Store manager (which he didn’t have to be so nasty about!), I waited.  I got a call back from the UPS Store today telling me that they spoke with the (original) receiver of the package who said that the box and contents were fine when received.  And UPS denied the claims 2nd time based on no exterior damage.  Evidently they only cover items if exterior was damaged and not the internals.  Where does it say that that is the case?!!  I wanna see the proof in writing that the item has to be damaged exterior!  So any electronics that have broken parts inside is a lost cause for insurance?!!  Don’t bother telling/reminding me that it’s to protect themselves against frauds and such…   I’m not one!

Forget this crap.  I’m boycotting UPS and won’t stop at telling the world about it!  UPS, you suck!!  I’m sick and tired and mad about it and I’m not going to take your crap!    This is one mad rocket scientist signing off…

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