Grunting of a Smalltime Seller


That’s how I feel right now… I sell stuff from time to time.  After I upgraded from my Note 4, I sold it off on eBay.  Other gadgets and stuff that’s sitting around, I try to recoop some cost.  I expect to not make profit.  But it’s been anti-small seller sentiment recently.

I have accounts on both eBay and Amazon to sell.  But I have gripes about both.  And if you are a small seller like me who doesn’t sell more than few items a month, if a year, you will likely understand my frustration.


I’ve been a long-time member and it was relatively friendly to sellers like me.  Now, that’s not the case.  I get (winning) bids from people who win it only to not pay.  It takes several days to get it resolved and eventually get refunded on the listing fees.  But it doesn’t end there, as a seller, I can’t leave negative feedback to a deadbeat bidder!!  What the hell is this?!  I’m gonna rant on saying that eBay protects its bidders too much.  I already lose fees double time (eBay & PayPal) so it’s already frustrating but seriously…  I’m done.


Amazon gets some serious exposure so the headphones that I had to re-list 3 times on eBay sold on Amazon!  But again, Amazon isn’t friendly to small sellers like me.  Why?  For an item that I listed for $45 (Amazon gives $4 credit for shipping), Amazon took more than $10 for the selling fee!  Again… what the hell?!!  That’s almost 25%!!  Not to mention that measly $4 credit for shipping makes me lose another $6 due to actual cost being bit over $10!  So in all, I sold $45 item and only recovered less than $30!  I’m done with Amazon as well (as a seller)!

So then where can I sell?!

So where does that leave me?  I don’t enjoy taking random time out to meet random strangers through Craigslist either.  So I list them locally. anyone?  Or for the tech stuff, I also list (for free) on Anandtech Forums.

eBay and Amazon, please make things bit more REASONABLE!!  Otherwise, we, the small time sellers, are done!  So done!!  Thanks for reading this ranting!

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