Daily Adventures of a Parenthood

I love playing with my kids.  I’ve always had the childish side of me so it’s quite easy and natural for me to play with them on their level.  😛

Thursday was a Family Night at The Children’s Museum of Houston from 5 pm to 8 pm as it’s free admission.  So I took them there while their mother worked.  The weekend was no exception.  To let Soojin rest, I try to play with them and usually, my kids like me to read to them and play with them which almost always involves tickling! 

Well, Anna sat on me and we started tickling and she was having so much fun that… suddenly, I felt my stomach feeling hot!  There was an instant hot flood!  She peed on me!  LOL…  Out of the sheer excitement, she just couldn’t hold it anymore and (pun intended) let the floodgates open!  Though I was a bit upset at the initial wetting, later, I thought it was a good sign of how much Anna enjoys being with me.  Even if it means being peed on.  Ha ha ha…  Welcome to the parenthood…

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  1. Hey Peter… this is Stephen, Mannam’s husband…

    That is an AWESOME story… I think Anna was just sharing her warm love with you.. hahhaha

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